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The Sheffield Food Network is an organisation that promotes and celebrates the growing, sourcing and eating of local food in Sheffield. It serves the people of Sheffield though an online interface, as an online guide to everything and anything to do with sustainable food in Sheffield.

Firstly the Sheffield Food Network links sustainable food outlets, producers and restaurants to the people of Sheffield, but aims to extend this relationship by sharing ideas about growing fruit and vegetables, butchery, baking, local recipes, how to forage for wild food, and much more.

The Sheffield Food Network continues the exchange of information started by Grow Sheffield and Abundance Sheffield with the overall long term aim of creating an open social network, connecting people who have an interest in sharing Sheffield’s sustainable food resources. 

If you have arrived here on a recommendation or through personal interest, we invite you to contribute to the ongoing discussions.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Sheffield Live - 93.2 FM

Today Sheffield Food Networks’ very own Martin Lydon discussed the vision of the network when interviewed by Grow Sheffield’s ‘local reggae’ food forager Stephen Watts on Sheffield Live 93.2 FM. Promotion of the food network and key findings so far were at the forefront of the discussion intermingled with ethics, environment and growing your own food…

To hear more/see the interview film and enjoy some of the music offered see the links below:

Encounter's at the Encounters' Shop

The 30th October saw the takeover of the encounter’s shop by Sheffield Food Network, a range of activities on offer to passers by and regulars in exchange for an apple or a ‘chocolate apple wedge’. The event was successful in terms of engaging some of the resident’s of Sharrow. Participants wrote a story or a memory of food that was important to them and others drew on a plate their favourite food mapping the origin of the ingredients on the food map provided.

A wide range of meals were depicted on plates and used to decorate the shop. Additional contributions to the map were added by a number of people who entered the shop. Whilst participating in these activities engaging people on the their thoughts on food, in particular shopping locally, where they shopped and why. This gave a good foundation and created an interesting discourse throughout the day.

A wide variety of individuals, as well as some groups, some had heard of abundance (recently featured on river cottage on channel 4) and others simply came in with their children to participated in the planned activities. One group used the shop as their final destination on an adventure trail they were doing with their parents.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Eating Seasonally

Whilst working on a seasonal vegetable wheel, I stumbled across some Seasonal cooking ideas from The River Cottage, and a rather nice Seasonal Food Chart from Allegra McEvedy's book Leon: Ingredients and Recipes.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Icon set v.2.0

Improved icon set. Slight colour changes, rollover now a fade out instead of grey - and two new categories added; Manufacturing (i.e Breweries) and Knowledge Share.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Icon set v.1.0

Will be making some minor changes tomorrow, but they do look good on the beta map...

Chew On This!


This could be a very very good idea for the Sheffield Food Network...

Changing Families, Changing Food

Hi everyone,

This is a link to Peter Jackson's research: the investigation 'takes food as the lens through which to observe recent changes in family life and examines how changes in family form have affected patterns of food consumption. The Programme's findings are expected to contribute to current debates about obesity and nutrition, media and consumption, food choice and deprivation'.

The objectives of the investigation are outlined and the findings are expected to be posted shortly.