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Firstly the Sheffield Food Network links sustainable food outlets, producers and restaurants to the people of Sheffield, but aims to extend this relationship by sharing ideas about growing fruit and vegetables, butchery, baking, local recipes, how to forage for wild food, and much more.

The Sheffield Food Network continues the exchange of information started by Grow Sheffield and Abundance Sheffield with the overall long term aim of creating an open social network, connecting people who have an interest in sharing Sheffield’s sustainable food resources. 

If you have arrived here on a recommendation or through personal interest, we invite you to contribute to the ongoing discussions.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Soggy food

After much investigating diets, ethics, and environmental consequences, and much cutting out food pictures, here is the beginning of some hopefully informative and interesting drawings.  This one illustrates the water consumption of producing a variety of food stuffs.  If you look closely, the good stuff uses the most water: coffee, chocolate, olives, cheese, meat, wine...  
Some people base their dietary choices on information such as this, as in this case, valuable fresh water resources are being rapidly used up to support our western tastes for high intakes of meat and dairy.  Ho hum.  (For some more info, see here: The Massive Scale of UK Water Consumption)

Oh yes, the image:

More coming!


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