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Friday, 17 October 2008

What if: Grow your own

Picture above: example of the grow bag installation in Hoxton Square, London.

What if: project part of the London festival of architecture encouraged the use of 'vacant, neglected and undefined spaces in the inner city' for growing vegetables and fruit.

For more info see : http://www.what-if.info/VACANT_LOT.html

and for other projects done in the London festival of architecture:


Article from the Times: Can city dweller's be self-sufficient?



Soapsoane said...

Thankyou for the link to what if! I'm posting from Nottingham where I'm working on a Blogging project for sole traders and small businesses. Blogging is a process which requires patience I think as there's a real potential (and learning curve) about expectations and what people feel they can do. My play page is: http://soapsoane.blogspot.com (where I collect stuff for my own imaginative thought processes!)

Good luck with the project and I'll forward your link to community markets and food forum contacts I have in Nottingham

Kind regards


Robin said...

Hi Guys, have you heard of the "vandalism" that is taking place on London's unused patches of inner city land? A team of people are planting various flowers and bulbs to beautify their area. It doesnt provide food but does make the area look and smell nice. They do it without permission and run the risk of arrest but have been a huge success with the local people and their councils.